How to Create a Course

A-Z Guide to creating courses, how to upload videos, and the do's and dont's of the marketplace.
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Saeed Mahdi Saeed Mahdi

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Hi, I am  an instructor with over 50,000+ students across 186 countries. But, I'm going to make the proper assumption that you have no idea who I am.

So listen, I have a booming voice and like to get straight to the point.

At the end of the course, you'll be able to upload a course  (step by step) and enroll your first 1,000 students.

ما هي المتطلبات؟

  • Any computer, a microphone, some knowledge of a subject ... and this course!
  • Blue Yeti Microphone
  • Camtasia Studio 8

ما هي المعارف التي سأحصل عليها والمهارات الجديدة التي سأكتسبها؟

  • Upload your course
  • Validate course subjects, and discover if people will buy your course.
  • Follow the Do’s and Dont’s of Online Learning
  • and finally, create a passive income

من هو الجمهور الذي تستهدفه؟

  • This course is specifically for the students who wish to create an asset and start teaching
  • The course will teach students how to share their knowledge and enroll their first 1,000 students.
  • Students must develop patience and discipline to know that success does not happen overnight.

منهج الدورة التدريبية

قسم 1 - How to Get Started
How To Become a Better Instructor

Today, you're going to learn about important video course concepts. These are things you should do before you create your course.

How To Make Courses - Quickly

How To Make Courses - Quickly

Course Creation

Course Creation

Quality Control

These tips will get you started, you should watch other peoples courses and see the quality of the course to emulated that in your own course. You should also know that it's rare for somebody to spend $99 on my video course. I sell them for $10 through my own promotions.

How To Edit Courses - Quickly

How To Edit Courses - Quickly

How to Access Free Video Tutorials from Camtasia

FREE tutorials for you using Camtasia 8

Uploading a Video Course

Uploading a Video Course

قسم 2 - Proof of Earnings on Udemy
Creating a Passive Income on Udemy

After you create your course, you're building an asset. The hours spent on creating and selling your courses will benefit you years from now. Whereas, a job that pays me $20 an hour, I won't see more money for that one hour of work. If I work one hour creating a course, that money will keep growing,

Help Improve This Course

Help Improve This Course

قسم 3 - Validate Course Subjects Before Creating a Course
Validate Course Subjects

Validate Course Subjects

Proof of Lifetime Earnings of $54,000+
2 الصفحات

Proof of Lifetime Udemy Earnings of $54,000+

Google Keywords to Help Validate Course Subjects

How to Use "Google Keywords Planner" to Validate Course Subjects

Amazon Kindle to Help Validate Course Subjects

How to Use "Amazon Kindle" to Validate Course Subjects

Increase Success Before Creating a Course

Increase Success Before Creating a Course

Maximize Profits and Follow These Rules

Maximize Profits and Follow These Rules

Figure Out Exactly What You're Offering

Figure Out Exactly What You're Offering to Students


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