How to create a perfect online course

How to validate your course subject, to create a course people want to buy, and profit a passive income on LearnOnline.
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If you are a new instructor, or an existing instructor looking to pick up some new tricks, you've come to the right place. This course is your one-stop-shop for all things related to course creation. This course has been created to be a constantly evolving, continually updated resource for all of your course creation needs. Here's what we'll cover:

  • How to create your online course, from beginning to end.
  • The quality standards: so you can make sure your course is up to par.
  • How to pick your course topic, identify your target audience, and plan your outline.
  • How to actually film your course: the nuts and bolts of capturing awesome audio and video, and high quality editing to make sure your course looks amazing.
  • How to position your course for success in the marketplace, using your course image, promo video, and landing page to convert students.
  • The review process
  • Promotional strategies, teaching tips, and how to make edits to your course post-publishing.

Ready to start your course creation journey? Let's go!

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  1. Over 41 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
  2. By the end of the course, you'll know exactly how to create your Udemy course
  3. Help you utilize Udemy's course creation resources, and introduce you to the Udemy Instructor Community
  4. Give you the skills and information you need to become a top Udemy instructor


  1. A computer with internet connection


  1. New Udemy instructors
  2. Existing Udemy instructors improving their courses

ما هي المتطلبات؟

  • Any computer, a microphone, some knowledge of a subject ... and this course!
  • Blue Yeti Microphone
  • Camtasia Studio 8

ما هي المعارف التي سأحصل عليها والمهارات الجديدة التي سأكتسبها؟

  • After you create your course, you're building an asset. The hours spent on creating and selling your courses will benefit you years from now. Whereas, a job that pays me $20 an hour, I won't see more money for that one hour of work. If I work one hour creating a course, that money will keep growing,

من هو الجمهور الذي تستهدفه؟

  • Any teacher who would like to create an online course
  • Students who are just getting started on LearnOnline
  • Students from anywhere in the world, who want to share their knowledge.

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قسم 1 - How to Get Started with Udemy [captions] [high definition]
Quality Control and Udemy Secret [captions] [high definition]
4 الصفحات

Quality Control and Udemy Secret

How To Become a Better Instructor on Udemy [captions] [high definition]

How to Become a Better Instructor on Udemy

2 الصفحات


How To Edit Courses - Quickly [high definition]

How to Edit Courses - Quickly

How To Make Courses - Quickly [high definition]

How to Make Courses - Quickly

Underdo Your Competition [captions] [high definition]

Underdo Your Competition

قسم 2 - Proof of Earnings on LearnOnline[captions] [high definition]
Creating a Passive Income on LearnOnline[captions] [high definition]

Make a video course with the good quality microphone and editing software

قسم 3 - Validate Course Subjects Before Creating a Course [captions] [high definition]
Online to Help Validate Course Subjects [high definition] [captions]

How to Use "Udemy" to Validate Course Subjects

Increase Success Before Creating a Course [captions] [high definition]

Set yourself up for success. Figure out the course you want to create, by first validating the course subject. You only want to teach the subjects that students are already buying. You want to help the most people and of course, make money.

Figure Out Exactly What You're Offering [captions] [high definition]

People don't want to just learn a skill, they want to know the benefit of learning that skill. Students want to know the price, how long it'll take them to learn that skill, and the benefit to learn that skill.

Amazon Kindle to Help Validate Course Subjects [high definition] [captions]

How to Use "Amazon Kindle" to Validate Course Subjects

Google Keywords to Help Validate Course Subjects [high definition]

How to Use "Google Keywords Planner" to Validate Course Subjects

Maximize Udemy Profits and Follow These Rules [captions] [high definition]

Maximize Udemy Profits and Follow These Rules


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